«A Glimpse of Bukowski»

Retrospective “A Glimpse of Bukowski” at cinema Sõprus May 22–26, 2017

Although Charles Bukowski (1920–1994), the world’s most renowned alcoholic author, had lived in the United States since his early childhood, he was much more highly revered in Europe during his lifetime. The progressive American readers probably felt a healthy disdain towards the ramblings of such a melancholy deadbeat, but it is also a lot easier to tolerate someone that foul-mouthed and confrontational from afar rather than on your own doorstep.
In the same vein, Bukowski’s books have been rendered to film by foreigners exclusively: by Iranian, Italian, French, Belgian and Norwegian directors. Though these works are rather different in tone, they all emanate certain human warmth, which gives us a glimpse of the loneliness, sadness and uncertainty hidden under Bukowski’s rough and bawdy demeanour. This will definitely help the audience to establish an affinity with him also, albeit a somewhat one-sided one.

The retrospective “A Glimpse of Bukowski” will bring four full-length feature films to the screen:
22 May at 21:00 “Barfly”
(dir. Barbet Schroeder, USA 1987)
23 May at 21:00 “Lune froide”
(dir. Patrick Bouchitey, France 1991)
24 May at 20:00 “Tales of Ordinary Madness” – plus a discussion with translators of Bukowski after the film
(dir. Marco Ferreri, Italy/France 1981)
26 May at 21:00 “Factotum”
(dir. Bent Hamer, Norway/USA/Germany/France/Italy 2005)

and a full-length documentary:
25 May at 20:30 “Bukowski: Born Into This”
(dir. John Dullaghan, USA 2003)