Best Sci-fi filmifestival

Kas arvad, et omad täelikku kontrolli oma elu üle? Arvad, et teed ise oma otsuseid? Aga kui GPS sulle teed juhendab? Või kui Spotify sulle playlisti kokku paneb? Kas ka siis?

Uusim tehnologia on saanud suureks osaks meie eludes. Maailm muutub iga päev ja üllatab meid iga minut. Tulevik on ennustamatu, aga proovime korra vaadata sinna? Seal võib näha imelisi lugusid, mis võivad (aga ei pruugi!) saada meie tulevikuks mõne aasta(kümne) pärast. Tulevik ootab sind!


Linastuvad filmid:

"A Date in 2025" USA, 2017, dir. Ryan Turner, 14 min.
In the year 2025, a young man's superintelligent AI system tells him that he must go on a date or face certain suicide from loneliness.

"The Endless" France, 2017, dir. Claire le Teuff, Nicolas Lourme, Corentin Gravend, Mikel Zuloaga, Edouard Calemard, Romaric Vivier, 3 min. 45 s.
At the top of a tower higher than the clouds, in the middle of a storm, two colleagues are faced with a strange phenomenon in the sky around them.

"Exit Strategy" USA, 2017, dir. Travis Bible, 15 min.
A man in a time loop must work with his brother to prevent a catastrophic fire.

"The Passing" India, 2017, dir. Ankur Kapoor, 10 min.
The humans of the future have embraced an AI controlled utopia. 'The Passing' is a short documentary from that time.

"The Forbidden Man" Italy, 2018, dir. Tiziano Russo, 19 min. 14 s.
Andrea is forced to live in isolation due to a virus contracted during a space mission. His daughter Mia and his wife Agata must both reckon with the singularity of his life; each in their own way.

"The Problemless Anonymous" Great Britain, 2017, dir. Gary Roberts, 13 min. 45 s.
What could go wrong in a world where being perfect is illegal? Sadly, Ivan has tested positive for perfection. The law states he must attend an imperfection clinic to undertake a test to determine what imperfection he must be given in order to assimilate into the flawed world around him.

"Moon Drops" Israel, Serbia, 2018, dir. Yoram Ever-Hadani, 16 min.
A factory worker assembles an enigmatic machine that produces drops of liquid from the moonlight.

"Product Wars" USA, 2018, dir. Stephan Zlotescu, 9 min.
Genetically engineered mascots become the latest craze in this all too possible future.