Song Festival's special programme at Sõprus

During the week of Estonian Song Festival 2019 cinema Sõprus screens three Estonian films from the last year - "The Little Comrade", "Rodeo - Taming a Wild Country", and "Truth and Justice".


2.juuli 14.00 The Little Comrade
2.juuli 16.10 Rodeo - Taming a Wild Country
2.juui 17.50 Truth and Justice

3.juuli 14.00 Rodeo - Taming a Wild Country
3.juuli 15.45 Truth and Justice
3.juuli 19.00 The Little Comrade

4.juuli 14.00 Truth and Justice
4. juuli 17.10 The Little Comrade
4. juuli 19.15 Rodeo - Taming a Wild Country


All the films are screened in Estonian and have English subtitles.

Ticket 5.50€, discount ticket for students and seniors 4.50€.

Group ticket 3€, pre-booking at