Brazilian Film Week: Whirlwind

This is the story of two friends who meet again. The two were born in Cataguases, Minas Gerais, and spent their entire childhood together. Luzimar never left town and works at the cotton spinning factory. Gildo went to São Paulo, where he found success. He even bought his first car, a Volkswagen. On Christmas Eve, Gildo comes to Cataguases to visit his mother. When Luzimar sees the car parked in front of Gildo's mother's house, he rings the bell. From this meeting, fueled by copious alcohol, memories, regrets and grudges are exposed, two lives are reevaluated. After all, who made the best choice: who left or who stayed? Is there a correct answer?


Free entrance!

Film week is organised by Embassy of Brazil in Tallinn.

Description for Brazilian Film Week 2019

Brazilian Film Week at Kino Sõprus from 16th to 20th of September.


16/09 20:30 Cinema, Aspirins and vultures / Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus
17/09 20:30 El Revenge / La vingança
18/09 20:30 Whirlwind / Redemoinho
19/09 20:30 Neighbouring Sounds / O Som ao Redor
20/09 20:30 Bald Mountain / Serra pelada

All films are screened in Portugese and have Estonian and English subtitles!

Free entrance! Film week is organised by Embassy of Brazil in Tallinn.

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