„I want to sue my parents. Because they gave birth to me.” Twelve-year-old Zain tends to tell it like it is. Instead of going to school like other children in Beirut, he is already forced to earn money in order to provide on a daily basis. When his parents sell his younger sister Sahar to their landlord, Zain has finally had enough and decides to run away from home. In an amusement park he meets Rahil, illegal cleaner from Ethiopia. Zain offers to babysit her one-year-old son, whom she has to hide from the authorities. A few weeks and many unforgettable experiences later, Zain decides to sue his parents in court… The film title „Capernaum” denotes a place full of chaos and madness. This is exactly where Lebanese director Nadine Labaki sets and skilfully unravels her highly emotional fable about life in poverty.