Paradise: Faith

Anna Maria (Maria Hofstätter) is a middle-aged Austrian woman who lives alone in a well-knitted house in Viena. When she doesn't work in the hospital then she clean her house thoroughly. But she doesn't feel alone; she has Jesus; she loves Jesus; This unconditional love to god, empowers her to overcome the temptations of her flesh, by praying and by using methodically all sort of self- punishments.

But she is not alone in her quest; she is member of a small ultra-religious group which tries to bring back the Catholic faith to Austria; when she takes a break from her work instead of going to vacations, she tries door to door, to bring God to the poor neighborhoods, which are occupied mostly by immigrants.

Although her faith is strong, it is going to be challenged not only by the various reactions of the people that she tries to approach, but also back home, where her past is vividly back. Her crippled Muslim husband is back and demands a share of her love, who offers gladly only to Jesus.