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#Ukraina Sõprade Klubi erilinastus
Ukraina Sõprade Klubi erilinastus: Must ronk

Drama History War

Kestus 1h 50m

Riik Ukraina

Režissöör Taras Tkachenko

Osatäitjad Taras Tsimbalyuk, Pavel Moskal, Daniil Mireshkin

Keel Ukraina, vene

Subtiitrid eesti

Levitaja Ukraina Organisatsioonide Assotsiatsioon Eestis

Dear friends!

In the framework of Український кіноклуб в Естонії / Ukraina kinoklubi Eestis we invite you on April 7 at 13:00 to the Sõprus Cinema at Näita rohkem

Dear friends!

In the framework of Український кіноклуб в Естонії / Ukraina kinoklubi Eestis we invite you on April 7 at 13:00 to the Sõprus Cinema at Кінопоказ художнього фільму "Чорний Ворон"/Таллінн for the eponymous bestselling novel of the famous Ukrainian writer Vasily Shklyar.

The show is organized by the Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Estonia with the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine in Estonia Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Estonia. Entrance is your charity contribution to support Ukraine!

The film is based on the novel of the Shevchenkovs лишkoí̈ prize winner Vasyl Shklyar "Zalishenets". Black Crow", which tells about one of the most dramatic and little-known pages of Ukrainian history - the fierce struggle of Ukrainian rebels against the occupying communist power in the 1920s, already after the occupation of the UNR, in Cold Yar.

The basis of the story is the life and love of John on the nickname crows, which was destined to become a member of the rebellious movement of the times of the cold republic. The eternal thirst of Ukrainians for freedom does not allow the main character to stay away from the important events unfolding in his village. That is why he bravely sacrifices peace and family comfort and begins a fierce fight for the independence of his native land, the will and the future of Ukrainians and his own family.

The year 1922. The former officer of the army of UNR comes together with his pregnant wife Tina to his father on a farm near the town of Kamyanka. They hope to start a new life, obtain documents, somehow adapt to the new government. But already at the station, they witness the unloading of the brand new armor and the fresh regiment of the GPU led by Yevdokimov, who arrived to suppress the cold.

Ivan very quickly understands that in the heart of the cold republic to escape the war will not succeed. Shortly Yevdokimov arrests Ivan's father connected with the rebels and his own tries to recruit and force him to rub in trust in the rebels. Ivan faces a dilemma - to endure shame and violence against his family for the illusion of peace, or to join the rebels himself...

The film was released in Ukrainian broad release on December 5, 2019.

The composer of other themes of the film was the keyboard player of the band "Okean Elzõ" and film's sound producer Mõloš Jelõtš.

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