Maa/Earth linastus

Ho Tzu Nyeni filmi “Maa [Black to Comm]” ühekordne linastus toimub grupinäituse "Xenos" avamise raames. Anders Härmi kureeritud näitus EKKMis avatakse samal päeval kell 18:00.
Ho Tzu Nyen osaleb näitusel "Xenos" ka teise teosega – videotööga “Teadvustamatuse pilv” (2011, 28’).

Linastusele eelneb näituse kuraatori lühike sissejuhatus ja autori tervitus.
Filmiseanss on tasuta.

“Maa [Black to Comm]”
2011, 42’, HD video, 5.1 heli
Muusika: Black to Comm
Dialoog puudub



The single screening of Ho Tzu Nyen’s film The Earth [Black to Comm] is part of an opening of group exhibition Xenos at EKKM. The exhibition, curated by Anders Härm, opens the same day at 6 pm.
Ho Tzu Nyen participates in group exhibition Xenos also with another video work – The Cloud of Unknowing (2011, 28’).

Short introduction by the curator and greetings by the film-maker will precede the screening. The event is free of charge.

The Earth [Black to Comm]
2011, 42’, HD video, 5.1 sound
Soundtrack: Black to Comm
No dialogue

Short synopsis: We see the site of an unknown disaster, the debris of history that constitutes the story of Earth. Upon the site, lay fifty humans oscillating between consciousness and unconsciousness, life and death. Sometimes, one of them emerges into the foreground—clutching a fist, batting an eyelid, or weeping for his/her neighbour. At other times, these figures recede from the light, losing their individual shapes to form a gigantic organism, breathing in unison, pulsating like a jellyfish, through their journey across Earth.