Ave Taavet´s documentary Monument to Grandmother (2019) follows Katarina´s 5000 km pilgrimage to Siberia. She wants to erect a monument to the village in which three generations of her ancestors, deported in 1949, had lived. And she wishes to present a cross to her great-great-grandmother, whose place of burial is unknown.

Siberian Children by Triin Kerge is an audio-visual work made in a moving tram. In it, the artist portrays six women who were either deported to or born in Siberia. Over the past few years, together with the art group SLED, these women re-visited their former childhood land. The work was created in collaboration with the musical collective, Eeter.

The Return, a video work by Marika Alver, focuses on the difficulties that deportees met when they came back from Siberia. Memories of home and hopes for a future in the homeland did not always match the reality.

18.30 Marika Alver, The Return (10′)
18:40 Triin Kerge, Siberian Children (18′)
19.00 Premiere: Ave Taavet, Monument to Grandmother (24′)
19.30 Questions and answers, moderated by Keiu Virro

The screening will be in Estonian and Russian, with English subtitles.

We will have Siberian snacks and Ivan Chai.

Entrance is free.

The screening is part of the SLED collective’s art programme “Siberian Childhood,” dedicated to commemorating the March Deportation of 1949.